Scratch and Volute Remover for Cars


Car Scratch and Volute Remover, Car Repair Tool, Polishing Wax, Vehicle Accessories, 1 Piece
Accidental bumps and scratches? Before you panic, a simple wipe will make your car as good as new...

➡️This ultimate paint restorer not only eliminates swirls and scratches. It also restores the shine and luster of your paintwork!

➡️Protect your car from hard scratches and swirls caused by accidents or dents.

➡️Apply simply apply the appropriate amount and wipe off. Instant shine and brilliance!

➡️It fills in damaged areas, making your car free of dents and dings again.

➡️Apply don't hesitate to use it on your car. It's specially formulated to avoid damaging the car's paintwork and is a perfect match for ANY paint color.

➡️Avoid the costly trip to the auto repair shop!


Special features: scratch and swirl remover.
Type of material: Solid paste

Item weight: 25 g

Item volume : 15 ml