ERVAN TOP® AllureBlend 4-in-1 Precision Makeup Pen(🎁Buy 1 Get 1 Free)

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Explore the versatility of the "AllureBlend 4-in-1 Precision Makeup Pen." Elevate your beauty routine with this all-in-one tool that combines precision and convenience.

1. Multifunctional Beauty: This all-in-one pen serves as an eyeliner, eyebrow pencil, lip liner, and highlighter—offering a complete makeup solution.

2. Long-Lasting Elegance: Enjoy a flawless look throughout the day with its long-lasting formula that ensures your makeup stays fresh.

3. Ease of Application: Effortlessly achieve professional-looking results with the easy-to-wear design that caters to both makeup enthusiasts and beginners.

4. Quick Dry Technology: Experience fast and efficient makeup application with the quick-dry feature, saving you valuable time in your beauty routine.

5. Waterproof Assurance: Embrace the day confidently, knowing your makeup is resistant to water, ensuring it stays intact even in challenging conditions.


  • Formulation: Cream
  • Net Weight: 25g
  • Features: Eyeliner pen, Eyebrow pen, Lip Liner Pen, Highlighter Pen
  • Colors: Four vibrant shades to express your unique style

Key Features:
1. Versatile Application: Use as an eyeliner, eyebrow pencil, lip liner, and highlighter for a complete makeup look.

2. Natural Factors: Achieve a natural and radiant look with the long-lasting, easy-to-wear, and natural factors embedded in this makeup pen.

3. Four Colors Palette: Choose from four enchanting colors to complement your mood, outfit, or occasion.

4. Imagic Quality: Imagic brings you a trusted and high-quality makeup product, ensuring satisfaction with every application.

5. 4 in 1 Makeup Pen: Streamline your makeup routine with this all-in-one solution, perfect for creating a full face of makeup effortlessly.

6. Sweatproof Makeup: Stay confident all day with a sweatproof formula that withstands various activities.

7. Cosmetics Excellence: Elevate your cosmetic collection with this essential and versatile makeup pen.

<<Delighted👍🙂 The color is perfect and the comfort is exceptional, everything you need in a single grip!>>
--Elena Rose (Toronto, Canada)

Product Listing:

  • 2 x AllureBlend 4-in-1 Precision Makeup Pen (Available Choices)
  • 2 x Eye Brush
  • 4 x Replacement Refills
  • User's Manual

Transform your beauty routine with the AllureBlend 4-in-1 Precision Makeup Pen – your go-to solution for a flawless and convenient makeup application. Order now to experience the magic of Imagic quality and redefine your beauty standards!