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Underwear belly shaper Corset for women's slimming girdle

Use the secret weapon to take care of yourself and enjoy your life.

Butt-to-toe lifting

Compact buttocks show sexy posture


Prevent bending

4 anti-roll alloy steel elastic waist bones lock in fat and prevent curling

Tight legs

Tightens excess calves in the thigh, but your legs are slender



New Slimming Life

23years abdomen size Customer reviews: because love to eat snacks do not like sports weight directly to 125 kg. Friend recommended buying to close abdominal pants, used 40 days abdomen to lose 10 jinn's...

  26years old regain your prenatal figure Customer reviews: after the baby is born, empty belly fat and a drooping figure are ruined. Doctors recommend ARMA to help restore your prenatal figure


32years toning wear buttocks Customer comments: often sit at work do not pay attention to maintain the figure, sitting for a long time now fat accumulation in the belly Belonging to the sex stubborn flesh is qualitative and I like to wear the skirt normally. it suits you really well


30ans belly and tights Customer comments: the baby is already five years old and has been at home with the baby as a full-time mother.
At home with the baby as a full-time mother Postpartum has not repaired the figure in time, cause the figure fat, fat leg at the waist is thick. I accidentally saw this belly style on Ervan Top....

I wanted to buy it and try it on. I didn't expect it to work so well. After a month and a half, the figure is obviously improving. They stick to it and take care of their products.


Size Chart


Hold the belly

Tighten extra fat quickly

Breathable fabric

high elasticity breathable

Hold the belly

Tighten the extra fat quickly